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What students say.....

"Hilary's tai chi classes are relaxed and supportive and produce a feeling of
community among her students. The exercises provide disciplined
nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Hilary practices what she preaches!"
                                                        SaraJane Williams

“I’ve worked for the last twenty years as a health editor, so I’ve read a ton

about the benefits of tai chi. That’s why I decided to stop reading about

tai chi and actually do it. Now I understand why a lot of tai chi practitioners

describe it as ‘meditation in motion.’ The benefits of absolute concentration and memory work,
plus the physical aspects of practicing balance, muscle control, and breathing,
add up to a great addition to my fitness plan. Plus, it’s just plain fun to be in class,
where my wife and I have made many new friends.

     And Hilary was born to teach tai chi, combining detailed instruction and quality
information--plus helpful meditation and interesting new exercises-- in every

     In fact, it’s hard for me to think of an area of my life that hasn’t been affected, or
improved. I even sleep better because of tai chi. It’s like an investment in health
for the rest of your life!”
                                                   Peter Moore

"Each morning I take some time for Tai Chi and Qi Gong before embarking on the
day’s activities. I find this both relaxes and energizes me, helping me to feel as if
I’m “in the flow” so to speak and ready to face whatever the day may bring.
Additionally, practicing Tai Chi has improved my sense of balance and my
awareness of posture and how important that is to an overall sense of well-being. "

                                                  Paul Braden

"I am a 59 yr old, arthritic woman who embraced Tai Chi "Thanks" to Hilary.
Hilary's patience and direction has helped to ease my daily pain and gain
confidence. I find the "smooth" transition between moves to be challenging.
Unfortunately due to the tightness of my arthritis, my movement tends to be
"choppy", definitely not what Tai Chi requires. Hilary reminds me of my challenge
in her kind but firm manner. She also shares healthful tidbits of information which
I find to be helpful in my journey to improved mental and physical health. Hilary
is truly a breath of fresh air! I am certain, I would have given up Tai Chi after my
first session, if it weren't for Hilary's encouragement and patience. I would
recommend Hilary's Tai Chi lessons to everyone and anyone who is looking for
an improved body/mind experience."

                                            Paula Deppen

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